YeenDeer softness blog (programming and electronics)

Ellie the Yeen is a soft YeenDeer that mweeoops and does programming

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The YeenDeer softness blog

Hi this is the blog of a YeenDeer mostly about programming and similar topics
  • Python sched module and rescheduling

    Lets say you have some code that is waiting for a state to settle and you want to be able to make sure it really settles before trying to do anything with it. Or maybe you want to make a simple Watchdog timer or Dead man’s switch mechanism. You can look at the Python built in module sched.

  • Making Python EXE files on Windows

    So sometimes you have certain Windows programs that do not really want to take many arguments and want just a single exe file to point at. A good example of this is protocol handlers or just general command line programs for when you do not use tools like cygwin currently.

  • Previewing of 3D models on GitHub

    Was trying to figure out how to actually preview 3D models on GitHub and found out a few things.

  • How to create a blog with Jekyll and GitHub Pages

    GitHub pages is a free and quite easy way to set up a free website. It comes with many fun features like many themes you can install. What it supports is jekyll which allows you to automatically have GitHub build the HTML files for you using markdown. There are also many plugins such as Jekyll-Feed that create a RSS XML file for you

  • Making a simple RSS to Mastodon poster powered by GitHub hooks

    Decided to make a simple RSS to Mastodon poster powered by GitHub hooks.

  • Setting up a blog

    This is my blog what I am going to post posts that are too long for my Mastodon but also to be able to have a better archive of posts and better text formatting.

    The posts will mostly be technical things about projects and I am going to make some tools to make it easier to post.

    It will be fun to make some tools such as one to make posts here automatically go to social medias and also one to make posting of images easier. I will ofc publish those tools as soon as I make them. There are for example probably some tools to make previews more detailed on social media.

    Later I might create a second blog for my art or something like that if I decide to continue with it but there are quite some art projects I want to do.

    There are still some quirks to work out like how to make it easier to post certain things especially pictures as EXIF data needs to be stripped and such. There is a plugin for jekyll called jekyll-feed so you can subscribe to this blog with RSS.

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