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Share dialogs and buttons

On many websites there are buttons to share an article to other sites or to chat services. This is done in the browser either by linking to the website and passing parameters about the post to share or a protocol handler might be used when there is an actual application installed. In the case of email for mailto links it is really any mail that has it registered. We are going to look at different sites dialogs and how the link is constructed.

To make a button for it there are a few ways where one is JavaScript that runs when a button is pressed and opens a popup and the other is a simple link. I always recommend a simple link as is way more accessible and good if someone uses multi account containers or are not using JavaScript on your website.

Here is a long list of different found URLs for different sites that allow sharing and some of the details of how they work.

Types of parameters

Below is a table of types of parameters you might find inside a share dialog URL.

type explanation
body The body of the post can be set with this and might include URLs
title Sets the title of the post the user makes
enum Has a fixed set of values it must be set to
csv Comma separated values usually used for tags
URL An URL to be linked to in the post
image An URL pointing to a picture

Some of them might be required even to they do not seem to be and some of them are hard to test.


Yes you can make a share dialog using email by not filling out the to section

parameter type required comment
subject title no The email subject
body body no Whatever for there to be in the body of the email

Example: ?subject=Share Buttons&body=Share%20dialogs%20and%20buttons%0A


Mastodon is the toughest one to really get working as there are many instances and you cannot know what instance the user is on without asking the. You can look at the source of this site in order to know how it is done here and try out the button for yourself.

parameter type required comment
text body yes Whatever to fill the post window with



Tumblr is certainly a website and you can share stuff to it if you want

parameter type required comment
posttype enum yes Should be set to link
canonicalUrl URL yes The URL
title title no Good to set
caption body no This will make it look like the user filled it out
content body no Avoid filling this out unless you make another type of post
tags csv no sets the tags



Sharing on Twitter is a good choice since it is a popular platform even tho the platform itself has huge issues especially lately

parameter type required comment
text body no It is possible to place URL’s here
url URL no You can either put it here or in the body
hashtags csv no Sets the hashtags to be used in the post


Note: Twitter also has other intent links such as a message a specific user one


Allows readers to share your article to a subreddit or their own profile

parameter type required comment
url URL no will fill the post content field and stuff other than URL’s can be put here
title title no Sets the title of the post



Sharing on Facebook is quite easy and a big social media site too so you might get quite some reach here

parameter type required comment
u URL yes  


Note: Another URL exists for this but it does require an app id to be set but as I have no Facebook account and the person having the website might not either it might not work.


Good for image posts so users can share them there but not as good for other posts

parameter type required comment
url URL yes the URL to link to
media image sort of should be set to a picture
description body no fills the body section

Example: Note: Requires either an URL to some media or the user uploading some picture for it to work


Have users share your post on Telegram

parameter type required comment
url unknown unknown Not been able to test this since no account


Note: Also has a protocol handler like this:


Or Hacker news. I do not know much about this site but it does have a share dialog.

parameter type required comment
u url yes  
t title no  



Have your readers blog about your post

parameter type required comment
n unsure yes? Seems to fill out both title and body and newlines seems to be broken in it



Let readers save your posts for later reading

parameter type required comment
url URL yes  


Note: Seems to automatically save without asking the user first and also there tends to be a “Save to Pocket” button in Firefox built in


Not confirmed functioning but this is what has been observed

parameter type required comment
url URL yes?  



Not confirmed functioning but this is what has been observed.

parameter type required comment
url URL yes?  



Yes you can make a button that opens GMail ready to send a mail

parameter type required comment
body body yes What to put in the body
fs unknown yes Should be set to 1
tf unknown yes Should be set to cm



Not all sites have share dialogs such as Bsky does not have one unless that has changed and cohost I have not been able to confirm. Some also have extremely broken ones that sort of work but not really such as wordpress with the url parameter that tries to embed a post somehow If you make your own social media site or anything like it I do recommend making your own dialog like that.

There are also some browser addons that add buttons with share dialogs to every website and I even made my own that adds a mastodon share button to every website.

I found quite a few share buttons here if you do not care about making your own

Be very sure that you have your meta tags like open graph and others set up correctly since it is very useful for previews on other sites to work correctly. Here is an article I wrote about that and also make sure random robots can read the robots.txt for preview it since they do obey it typically

I would be extremely surprised if someone somehow managed to press all the buttons below


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